Finding Carpenter Ants in the Home? How to Remove These Annoying Insects

Are you spotting carpenter ants inside the home? These ants are much larger than your average ant. You might not know why they are suddenly appearing in different parts of your property, but you do know that you want to get rid of them before the infestation becomes unbearable. While you have the option of whacking the ants with a shoe when you see them, this may not be the approach you want to take, especially when you keep seeing them while using the bathroom or preparing food in the kitchen. Getting rid of the ants will require expert help from a pest control service company.

What Can Cause Carpenter Ants to Start Living in Your Home?

Carpenter ants can get into the home through tiny holes because of their size. They are often attracted to a few different things. It is easy to find them in bathrooms and basements because they prefer to spend most of their time in moist areas where they will have easy access to water. If you are a pet owner, you might have carpenter ants because they are attracted to the food you are putting out for your pets. The ants look around for a source of food. If you put a can of cat food on the kitchen floor or if you place dry food inside food bowls for your pets, the ants can crawl over to the food source and take some of the food to bring back to the nest. It is convenient for the carpenter ants, but it is annoying for you.

Is It Bad to Have Carpenter Ants?

Having carpenter ants in your home is not a good thing for a few reasons. The ants can reproduce and cause an infestation to develop where you are suddenly seeing dozens of ants a day. Unfortunately, carpenter ants are known to bite when they feel like they are in danger. No one is safe from the ant bites. The carpenter ants could bite you, one of your family members, or one of your pets. These unwanted ants can get into a lot of things and crawl on you at random times, causing you to feel itchy and irritated. Because of the general problems that these types of ants can cause, getting rid of them by using ant pest control services is a necessity.

What Happens When the Pest Control Contractor Comes?

The contractor will likely want to go through the home to evaluate the situation and see if you have a severe or moderate infestation. Based on the contractor's findings, a pest control plan is discussed with you to go over the options you have. Both contact sprays and aerosols are effective at eradicating the carpenter ants. The contractor could use the insecticide inside your home and outside of the home by the windows and doors where the ants are likely getting inside. If the contractor notices any cracks, the cracks are sprayed down with the effective insecticide that is powerful enough to stop these insects from spreading out inside the property.

After completing a spray treatment, the pest control contractor can provide some helpful tips on how to keep carpenter ants away for good. These tips may involve using covered containers for your pet food, sealing small holes and cracks, and adding a protective screen to your windows when you plan to have them open.

As you start seeing carpenter ants in your home, you probably want to know where they are coming from and why you suddenly have them. These ants can easily make their way inside from the outside. Because they can bite and spread fast, hire a pest control contractor to offer a solution that will rid your home of the insects. For more assistance, contact services like Good News Pest Solutions.

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