Four Signs You've Got a Raccoon Infestation in Your Home

Raccoons are clever and resourceful creatures, but their presence in your home can lead to significant damage and health risks. Spotting the signs of a raccoon infestation early can help you address the problem before it spirals out of control.

Here are four tell-tale signs that raccoons might have invaded your home.

Unusual Noises

One of the first signs of a raccoon infestation is the presence of unusual noises, especially during the night. Raccoons are nocturnal creatures, and you might hear them scurrying around in your attic, walls, or crawl spaces. These noises can vary from scratching and thumping to loud bumping sounds as raccoons move around and look for food. If you frequently hear these disturbances, it's time to investigate further.

Foul Odors

Raccoon infestations often bring with them a distinct and unpleasant smell. This can be caused by raccoon urine and feces accumulating in your home, creating a foul odor that lingers. Additionally, if a raccoon dies within your walls or attic, the smell of decay can become overwhelming. Pay attention to any persistent and unusual smells in your home, as they could indicate an unwanted raccoon presence.

Damage to Your Home

Raccoons are adept at finding and creating entry points into your home, which can lead to noticeable damage. Look for torn shingles, broken vents, and damaged soffits, as these are common points of entry for raccoons. Once inside, they might tear apart insulation, chew on electrical wiring, or destroy ductwork. If you notice unexplained damage to your home's exterior or interior, it could be a sign that raccoons have moved in.

Visible Tracks and Droppings

Another clear sign of a raccoon infestation is the presence of tracks and droppings around your home. Raccoon tracks are distinctive, with five-fingered paw prints resembling tiny human hands. These tracks can be found near entry points, in your attic, or around food sources. Raccoon droppings are also unique; they are dark, cylindrical, and often contain undigested food. Discovering such evidence is a strong indication that raccoons are living in your home.

If you suspect that raccoons have taken up residence in your home, it's essential to act quickly. Raccoons can cause substantial damage to your property and pose health risks to you and your family. A professional wildlife removal service can ensure that the problem is handled effectively and humanely, allowing you to reclaim your home and peace of mind.

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