Getting Rid Of Rats And Keeping Them Away

Rats can be very destructive in a house, and they also carry diseases that can make everyone in your household get sick. Another annoyance that comes with having rats is the noise that they make, as it is usually at nighttime and can disturb someone's sleep. When there is an actual infestation of the rodents, they can usually be heard during the day and nighttime hours. Even if you have only seen one rat in your house that you have not been able to get rid of, it is important to contact a rodent control service for assistance. With treatment from professionals and a little effort from you, the rodents will be gone in no time.

Pinpointing the Entry Points in Your House

A rodent exterminator will want to find out how the rats are getting into your house. He or she will look for holes in the walls and will close them up if any are found that are possible entry points. It is also possible that the rodents have been getting into your house through pipes, especially plumbing lines. The rodents can get into the main sewer line that is on the outside of your house and make their way into the lines that are inside. A professional will know exactly where to inspect to find all entry points on the inside and outside of your house.

Setting Traps and Applying Pesticides

After entry points have been found and sealed up, an exterminator will set traps in your house. Rodents can be captured alive or killed by the traps. If you don't want to remove dead rodents from your house, ask the exterminator to set the type of trap that captures them alive. Just keep in mind that you will still have to remove the rodents or hire someone to do it for you. Pesticides can also be used to kill rodents, and an exterminator might apply the poison to areas such as insulation so the rodents can and get when they sick chew into it.

Decluttering and Getting Rid of Food Sources

If you intend to keep rodents out of your house after it has been exterminated, declutter any area that needs it. Rodents are attracted to cluttered spaces because they can hide easily. The clutter can also be chewed up and used to build nests. You must also get rid of the rodents' food sources in your house, such as by emptying out the trash, vacuuming, sweeping, and thoroughly cleaning to get rid of all the crumbs.

To learn more, contact a rodent control company.

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