Bed Bug Problems In A House

Bed bugs are usually the pests that homeowners least expect to find in their homes, and they are not always easily spotted. The reason for this is that the pest will usually feed off of human blood or warm-blooded animals and then retreat into hiding places that makes it difficult for them to be spotted. Spotting one bed bug in your house might not be seen as a big problem, but it is if the sex of the pest is female. One male bed bug is not likely to turn into an infestation because he is unable to lay eggs like a female, but you should take spotting any number of the pests serious. If you believe that there are bed bugs in your house and you don't know how to handle the situation, hire a pest control company as soon as you can.

Where Bed Bugs Can Hide

Due to the name of the pests, it might seem as though they can only be found in beds. However, bed bugs can actually hide in numerous other places, but they are usually close to where their feeding source sleeps. For instance, bed bugs will sometimes hide in sofas, especially if they know that someone sleeps on one. Furniture that is placed near beds such as nightstands are good places to find bed bugs, as well. When it comes to actual beds, the pests are usually hidden within the crevices of the mattress and difficult to find without actually looking for them.

Treatment by an Exterminator

Treatment might involve several things being done when you hire an exterminator to treat bed bugs. Heat treatment is one of the methods used by exterminators to kill bed bugs. The reason for this is that bed bugs cannot survive when exposed to high levels of heat. An exterminator can place a heater in the room in your house in which the pests were spotted to raise the temperature. Another method used is to spray a pesticide that is able to quickly kill the bugs. Keep in mind that you might be asked to do a few things before your house is treated, such as remove bedding to expose the mattress.

Things You Might Need to Do

If there are curtains in the room that is being treated for bed bugs, you might need to take them down to wash them. Clothes that are in dressers will also need to be washed. Cleaning the items is a great way to kill any bed bugs that are hiding in them so that treatment by an exterminator will be more successful.

To learn more, contact a pest control company about bed bug treatments.

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