Springtime Pest Prevention Tips

Spring time is the time of year when the sun feels brighter, the air is warmer and everything is growing again. Spring pests are abundant this time of year as well. Pests are coming out and awakening and looking for food and water. They aren't afraid to come into your home to look for these things. Spring pests such as ants, rodents, and roaches are going to start coming inside of your home to look for what they need in order to stay alive. Read on for pest prevention tips for spring.

1. Remove Over-Brush

Over-brush around your home that have kept your plants protected are a great place for pests to use as nesting as well. Remove the over-brush from your plants and around your home. This area can be heavily prevalent with pests such as ants, spiders, and other insects, as well as rodents. If you have this over-brush around your home, remove it to keep pests away as well.

2. Spray Your Home's Perimeter

Spray the area around your home after you've removed the over-brush to help kill and repel pests from your home. Spray the landscape surrounding your home and your homes foundation as well. Insects can get up into your home by crawling up and through the wood along your foundation. Give your home a good spray down using a store-bought pest repellent, or you can create your own using essential peppermint oils and water. 

3. Clean Up The Exterior

In addition to the over-brush surrounding your home, other things that have built up over the winter months can also be a housing area for pests. Remove these items from your homes exterior. Things such as wood piles, garbage piles, landscape piles, and other debris piles or storage areas may be housing pests. Remove these piles and clean up your yard to help prevent pests from getting to your home.

4. Keep The Interior Clean

Whether your home is clean or not, pests can come to your home. Keeping your home clean can help prevent pests from coming in. Be sure to sweep your home often to keep the floors clean, and wipe down your counters and cooking/food prep areas. Spring cleaning may need to be done in order to prevent pests as well. Wipe down walls and bathrooms well, in addition to other areas of your home that may be neglected during the year.

If you usually have springtime pests in your home, you need to do something to prevent them from coming in. If you aren't able to prevent or control the pest problem in your home, contact a professional pest control specialist for help.

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