Crafty Ways Pests Enter Homes

Are you a homeowner? If so, you likely know that pest control is an important part of preserving your property. All homeowners need to have a pest control service plan. Some homeowners do not realize that pests can enter their properties in unsuspecting ways. Sometimes, by the time the homeowners realize that they have a pest issue, an infestation has occurred. That is often true when homes do not get treated for unlikely or uncommon pests. The following points will help you understand a few sneaky ways that pests can access your home.


Some pests hitchhike into your home. It is described as hitchhiking because they may attach themselves to humans, pets, or hide inside of inanimate objects such as furniture or luggage to get to homes. If you notice your furry pet dog scratching, it may have fleas, which can infest homes. Bed bugs can travel on clothing and in luggage. You may also experience a problem with bed bugs if you obtain items such as second-hand furniture. Some warehouses may ship what is supposed to be new furniture or mattresses that contain bed bugs or bed bug eggs.


The average person gets excited when they receive gifts. However, some gifts may contain larvae or eggs that can develop and cause a nuisance. Flowers are an example of a gift that you could receive that is infested with eggs or larvae. These larvae may feed off of the new plant or flower, and the adult pest may proceed to reproduce and eventually create an infestation. Certain pests such as moths and carpet beetles enjoy eating expensive items such as carpet, wool, and fur. Therefore, it is important to use caution when shopping for items at thrift stores and accepting used donations.

Forced Entry

Pests do not make requests to enter homes, nor do they come armed. In fact, they likely want to go undiscovered and do not realize that they are a burden. They have a variety of clever ways that they can enter your home. Termites enjoy living in crawl spaces due to the darkness, the moisture, and the abundance of building materials specifically wood. Cockroaches may slowly build colonies within your home because of their attraction to water and food sources. 

Arm yourself with basic knowledge about the insects that are indigenous to your area. Some pests may have a higher population during certain seasons of the year. Therefore, it is important to know the insects and rodents that dwell in your climate. If you notice the presence of insects that you cannot identify, you can use a pest control company like Garella Pest Svc as a resource to determine what type of bugs they are. Some pests cannot survive outside of their normal climates. It is possible that infestations of this type are due to travel or receiving imported goods.

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