Sneaky Ways Rodents Let You Know They've Moved In

If you've ever seen a scurrying across the floor or a little black dropping in your silverware drawer, you know the culprit, it's a mouse. Rodents can sneak into crevices that are actually dime-size or smaller! So, it doesn't take much for one or two to venture in and start a family of their own inside your house. You may look around and think there is no way you have rodents in your house, but on the other hand, some peculiar things have been happening. Here are some sneaky signs that a rodent may be camping out somewhere in your abode. 

Your Pet is Eating a Lot More Food Than Usual

Or is he? If you've been noticing that your pet is hungry more than usual or is losing weight, your first response may be to take him in for a vet checkup. The vet may reply that your fur baby is not getting enough nutrition. This doesn't sit right with you, so more tests are ordered. But when you inspect your pet's food dish a little further, you realize that something else is eating their food. Mice or rats are likely the main culprits. A little careful ingenuity and watching their food bowls late at night may reveal a mouse is in the house. If you have a cat or dog and leave their food out at all times, there is a chance rodents will feast too. 

Someone Dropped the Soap

Do you find yourself in bewilderment when the bar soap ends up shrunken down to a small piece, on the floor, or completely vanished from the bathroom? No, you are not losing your mind, it may actually be a rodent attacking your soap. Mice and rats love hand soap and will jump at the chance to gnaw on a chunk of it any chance they get. If you still have some hand soap left, look at it carefully. Are there actual bite marks on it? This is likely caused by a mouse or two that are setting shop up within the walls of your home.  

Your Home Has Taken on A Musty Odor

When you walk in the door after a long day of work, the smell of home is welcoming and relaxing. But you've been noticing a musty, heavy scent to the air lately. Maybe it's time to do some serious deep cleaning, or there could be a rodent infestation within the floors? Their urine and droppings can leave behind a distinct odor that is hard to mask. Calling in a rodent control pro to eradicate the infestation is the first step. From there, cleaning your carpet and other surfaces with a non-toxic cleaner is recommended. 

Not all rodent infestations stare you in the face. With a little ingenuity and careful inspection, you may spot those hidden critters. If you can't get rid of them on your own, a professional pest control company like Xtermco Inc can fix the problem. 

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