Cockroaches Are Not Good For Business

When you own a commercial establishment, you have a duty to protect your customers and employees against health hazards like cockroaches. Cockroaches are not only a danger to food establishments but also affect people's health in other ways. Here is more information about cockroaches and the effect they have on your business.

How Cockroaches Get in Your Business

Cockroaches are ingenious in how they get into your building. They only need a small entryway to squeeze through. Most of the time, they get in through your pipe pathways, crawl spaces, and through tiny cracks in your doors and windows. They are attracted to unsecured food and water as well as your business's warmth.

Damage Cockroaches Do to Your Business

Cockroaches contaminate everything, especially food. Your food-related business could be closed or your health rating downgraded if any roaches are found in your establishment. Even if you don't serve food, roaches could pose a health hazard to anyone entering your business. Not only that, but many customers are also turned off if they see any evidence of roaches.

Ways Cockroaches Are Dangerous

Cockroaches are known vectors for many diseases and parasites. Anything that a cockroach touches could spread disease to you, your employees, or your customers. They like to come out and forage at night and go for any crumb of food left out. Also, many people are allergic to cockroach droppings. On top of that, cockroaches often stir up dust and other allergens as they scramble around.

Things You Can Do to Prevent Cockroaches

There are two major ways that you can prevent cockroaches from making an appearance inside your business.

Keep Your Business Clean

Never let even the smallest crumble of food sit around, especially overnight. Any type of food, even dried up sticky sugar, can attract these insects. Check your break room at the end of the day for any food left out. Keep all foods tightly sealed.

Keep Cockroaches Outside

Keep an eye out for signs of cockroach trails and seal up any potential entrances. Seal up screens and block gaps in your doorways and windows. Install door sweeps on your doors, for example. Caulk up any gaps and cracks in the walls and ceilings.

Cockroaches have no place in any business, even if your business has nothing to do with food. Cockroaches harm both your employees and customers. Therefore, you must take steps to prevent and remove an infestation. One way to do that is to contract a commercial pest control company to make regular checks and provide elimination measures.

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