5 Signs You Have Termites Living in Your House

Termites cause more than two billion dollars in damage to homes and businesses in the United States every year. These tiny insects thrive in dark, damp areas with access to organic material like wood, cellulose insulation, and even newspaper. Fortunately, they are slow eaters and leave subtle signs that they have established a colony in your home. Being alert to these signs will give you time to call a professional pest control company to get rid of them before they create significant damage.

1. Mud tubes at the base of your foundation.

Termites prefer a dark, damp environment. To keep themselves out of the sun as they exit and enter your home, they will often construct pencil-like tubes from their nest to their feeding site inside your home. Though they are most commonly found at the base of a home's foundation, you might also see them are the edges of your eaves.

2. Piles of small, discarded wings.

Another sign that termites have made a home on your property is piles of discarded, translucent wings, usually in the corners of your attic or basement or along the outside of your foundation. Termites discard their wings after they mate and become workers.

3. Hollow wood.

Termites tend to eat the interior of a piece of wood first and then work towards the outside. That's one reason why you might not notice them at first. However, if you rap on a beam or floor joist and hear a hollow, echoing sound, it's time to call a pest control company.

4. Frass.

Seeing termite droppings, otherwise known as frass, is yet another sign that your home has termites. Frass is a dark brown, powdery substance that tends to accumulate near where the insects are nesting or feeding.

5. Blisters and discoloration in your drywall.

Termites feeding on the wood behind your walls can cause the drywall to blister and take on a brownish cast. While this could be due to a water leak, it is also a classic sign of termite damage.

Getting rid of termites is not a very straightforward DIY project. Being successful in getting rid of them and keeping them out of your home requires skill, experience, and the right equipment. A good pest control services company can make sure that those pesky and damaging insects get out of your house and stay gone. Contact services like Carroll Exterminating Company to learn more. 

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