How to Keep Those Pesky Mosquitoes from Taking over Your Backyard

Mosquitoes are a lot like squatters. They're not welcome, but once they move in, they take over — and they don't want to leave! You don't have to live through this summer with a yard full of biting, disease-carrying insects. Follow these tips and tricks to keep mosquitoes from moving into your yard.

1. Get rid of standing water.

Mosquitoes specifically breed in standing water. They cannot breed in water that is moving and flowing. It only takes them a few days to go through a lifecycle, so even a puddle that lingers after a rainstorm can become a haven for these flying pests. Get rid of standing water, and you'll mostly get rid of mosquitoes. Put wheelbarrows and buckets away after using them so they don't catch rainwater. If you have a low spot that always gathers water, hire a landscaping company to come in and add some drain tile or topsoil to that area.

2. Put up a mosquito trap.

Look for a mosquito trap at your local hardware store, and put at least one up on your property. Ideally, you should place it where you have seen the most mosquitoes in the past. Even if you only catch a few mosquitoes in your trap, you are keeping those mosquitoes from breeding — so you're keeping the population down more than you would think.

3. Plant garden plants that mosquitoes hate.

Planting a few plants that naturally repel mosquitoes can help keep them from crossing onto your yard from a neighbor's yard. Plants that mosquitoes don't like include marigolds, catnip, and horse mint. Marigolds, in particular, are very hardy and easy to grow. You can put them in the ground and forget about them. Even if they get a little dry during a drought, they'll come back again once you water them.

4. Keep your landscaping tidy.

Mosquitoes like to congregate in areas that have shade and moisture. Long grass shades the ground, making it a nicer place for them. Untrimmed bushes can also invite mosquitoes to hide beneath their branches. By keeping your landscaping tidy, you can also keep mosquitoes at bay.

The tips above should go a long way towards keeping mosquitoes from moving in. If you are still noticing some of these pesky bugs around, make a call to your local pest control company. They can spray the perimeter of your property, which should provide a lot of long-term control. 

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