Fleas Biting Your Ankles and Everywhere Else? What You Can Do

Fleas can be pesky pests that can bite your pests, laying their eggs in their fur, and multiplying like crazy. Fleas can also bite you as well, leaving you and your pets itching and scratching at those tiny bumps left behind from these pests. If you have fleas, they can be tricky to get rid of. Read on for helpful tips to help you get rid of these pests.

1. Remove Them From Your Yard

Start by getting rid of these pests in your yard. Your yard may be where these pests came from in the first place. Fleas can be found outside, and make their way into your home by hitching a ride on your clothing, shoes, or even on your pets. Get rid of the fleas in your yard by sprinkling a granular pesticide around the yard. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to use the pesticide correctly. There are also spray forms of pesticides that will kill fleas as well. Spray or sprinkle the pesticide in your yard and kill the fleas that live there first.

2. Take Care of the Fleas on Your Pet

You need to kill the fleas that are living on your pet as well. They will continue to live on your pet, laying eggs and multiplying in your home if you don't do something about these pests. Kill the fleas on your pet by taking them to the veterinarian for a flea dip. A flea dip is a pet-safe way to kill the fleas living on their fur and skin. You can also give your pet a flea bath at home, but it's best to get your pet out of the home while you take care of the fleas in your home as well.

3. Kill The Fleas in Your Home

Kill the fleas living in your home by placing all of your bedding in sealed bags and putting away all belongings, leaving nothing out or on the floor. You can use a flea-bomb that can kill these and other pests living in your home. Set off a flea bomb on all floors of your home following the manufacturer's instructions. You need to leave your home and keep any living being out of the home, including any pets.

Once the flea bomb has done its job, you can go into your home and open up all of the windows to air your home out. Once it's aired out, you should vacuum your entire home and clean everything thoroughly. Empty the canister of your vacuum into a garbage bag outside of your home to prevent any fleas from getting back into your home. 

Fleas bite humans and pets alike and can be quite a nuisance. Get rid of these pests by using the tips above then hire insect control companies. 

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