Removing Yellow Jackets From Your Home: What You Should Know

Yellow jackets are not usually harmful, but they can be very territorial if you get near their nest. If you get too close to a yellow jacket nest, they may sting you if they think you may harm their nest. Their papery nest may house thousands of yellow jackets depending on the size of the nest. The nests may be found in areas such as your garage or shed, or you could find them around other outdoor structures, including on the underside of your patio furniture. You need to be very careful when you are outside in case you disturb these pests, as they can sting you multiple times. If you do have yellow jackets, read on for removal tips.

Watch Where The Yellow Jackets Go

If you don't see a nest, but you have a lot of these pests around, you can watch the yellow jackets to see where they go. Keep an eye on the general area, don't get too close to them so as to not disturb them. At night, take a flashlight and search the area to see if you can find the nest. Don't try looking for the nest too close to the area where you saw the yellow jackets during the day. The yellow jackets are going to be too active during this time and you could get stung.

Spray The Nest At Night

Once you find the yellow jackets, use a yellow jacket pesticide spray to kill the wasps and to get rid of the nest as well. Spray the nest until it soaks it, then you need to knock it down. You may need to spray it a few times to be sure you killed the yellow jackets inside. Once it's down on the ground, you can spray it again and kill any that you see still moving. Be sure to stay a good distance away.

Watch For More Nests

If you didn't kill the yellow jackets in the nest, you may end up with another nest near the same area where the first one was found. Keep an eye out for any signs of more yellow jackets, or for nests. Remember not to get too close to the nests and only attempt to get rid of them at night.

Yellow jackets are territorial and can be very harmful if you get too close to them. If you have a nest that you don't want to attempt to get rid of on your own, hire a yellow jacket removal company to help you do this.

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