Ant Control Tips For The Bathroom And Laundry Room

Ants are typically thought of as a kitchen pest. And indeed, they tend to love kitchens since they can find both water and tasty crumbs there. However, if you keep a really clean kitchen, you might find that ants instead decide to congregate in your bathroom or laundry room. Here are some ant control tips you can use in these spaces.

1. Re-caulk your tubs and sinks.

Ants like moisture, and one of the most common, ongoing sources of moisture in bathrooms and laundry rooms is failing caulk. It the caulk has started to peel away, water will pool along and behind the tubs and sinks, and then the ants will find it. The wet area may even start growing mold, which certain ants will eat. Peel up the old caulk, wait for the area to dry out, and then re-caulk your sink or tub. The improved seal will do a better job of keeping the water out, which will do a better job of keeping the ants out.

2. Clean your drains.

Drains can become a source of food and moisture for ants. They won't mind the greasy residue inside a drain for breakfast! Try pouring some hot water down your drain every week to break up the grime. Using equal parts baking soda and vinegar, and letting it create a dense foam, is even better. If any of your drains slow down and you can't clear them yourself, call a plumber ASAP before the drains also start attracting ants.

3. Don't put any food items in the trash.

If you're like most people, you don't empty your bathroom or laundry room trash daily. Anything you put in there sits for a while. So don't put anything food-related in these trash cans! That includes wrappers from granola bars, chips, and the like. All it takes is a few crumbs to invite the ants inside.

4. Turn on the fan.

After you take a shower or do a load of wash on warm, turn on the exhaust fan to get rid of the steam. Otherwise, the steam will condense on surfaces and become the perfect drink of ants. If your exhaust fan is slow or doesn't work well, have it fixed promptly before you are also left dealing with a bug problem.

Ants are not only a problem in the kitchen. They can be a bother in the laundry room and bathroom, too. Luckily, there's a lot you can do about that!

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