2 Signs Your Lawn Is Suffering from a Grub Infestation

If you have noticed that the grass on your lawn has started looking unhealthy, you may be wondering if it has some sort of disease that is affecting it. However, another possibility is that your lawn has become infested with grubs, which are beetle larvae that grow and feed underneath the carpet of grass. If you are considering this possibility, look for the following signs that your lawn is suffering from a grub infestation.

1.  Areas of the Lawn Feel Spongy Whenever You Step on Them

You can detect an invasion simply by walking around. Go out to any area on your lawn that looks unhealthy or seems to be dying, and see how it feels under your feet. When there are grubs present, the areas in which they are growing and feeding will feel spongy. This sponginess is caused by them burrowing into the surface soil as well as eating the grass roots and blades from underneath.

If the spot that feels spongy and looks halfway or completely dead, try pulling on the grass to see if patches come up. If they do, you will most likely see the grubs nestled either at the bottom of the patches or on the ground.

2.  Sections of Grass Start to Turn Brown and Die in Strange Patterns

Another sign for which to look when examining suspicious areas on your lawn for the presence of grubs is the patterns in which the grass is dying. If the grass is being killed off by a disease or from something being placed on top of it, there will typically be at least some uniformity in the way the grass dies.

However, if grubs are present, you will see odd patterns in the grass. These patterns are caused by the erratic locations of the grubs. Since they do not always stay close together, you may see rings, unequal shapes, or even spots of healthy growth in the center of the dead grass.

Even if you only see a small patch where you suspect grubs are located, you should address the issue as soon as possible because they are fast reproducers and can take over and kill your grass very quickly. Contact a  pest control company that offers lawn treatment services. They can verify whether you have an infestation and discuss your options for getting rid of the beetle larvae before they have a chance to kill your lawn.

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