8 Surprising Places Where Bed Bugs Might Hide In Your Home

Despite their name, bed bugs don't always hide in and around beds. In fact, wherever there is clutter, you can probably find bed bugs too if you have an infestation. If you suspect that your home is infested with bed bugs, but you can't find them, check in the following places.

1. Picture Frames

If you have lots of pictures hanging on the walls, they could be harboring bed bugs. Bed bugs like to infest cracks and tight spaces where they can hide from sight. And they don't mind having to move from one room to another when searching for a bite to eat.

2. Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets provide bed bugs with a dark and undisturbed place to hide out too. A good place to check is in and around the electrical outlets around your bed and seating areas.

3. Computer Keyboards

If your computer keyboard hasn't been used in a while, the spaces underneath the keys could be hiding bed bugs.

4. Alarm Clocks

If you have one of those mechanical alarm clocks then it could be home to a colony of bed bugs. Because bed bugs like to nest close to their food supply, an alarm clock is an ideal place for them to hide.

5. Soft Toys and Cushions

Bed bugs like to squeeze into the seams of sot toys and cushions. If you have a collection of soft toys sitting untouched in your bedroom, they could be harboring bed bugs.

6. Between the Carpet and Baseboard

One of the more common hiding places on this list is the space between your carpet and the baseboard. This area is rarely disturbed, which makes it ideal for bed bugs, especially if that area is close to your bed.

7. Inside Your Walls

Bed bugs can nest in the walls too. Check behind peeling wallpaper, inside cracks, and inside old nail or screw holes as these places are all prime real estate for bed bugs.

8. In the Seams of Your Sofa

Bed bugs like to hide out as close to their food source as possible. If you regularly sleep on your sofa, bed bugs hiding out in the seams could be snacking on you as you sleep.

Bed bugs will hide just about anywhere in your home as long as it allows them to remain out of sight — and near their food source. Search your home thoroughly and then call in a bed bug treatment service to eradicate your bed bug problem for good.

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