How Professional Flea Removal Treatments Help You Get A Flea Infestation Under Control

If you have a flea problem in your home, your pets are probably miserable from flea bites and itching. Fleas may even swarm your ankles or bite your kids. Prompt professional flea removal is often needed when fleas have infested your home. Here's how they can remove fleas fast.

Teach You Flea Control Measures

You may need to prepare your home for flea treatments. The pest control company may tell you to vacuum your floors thoroughly to get rid of as many live fleas and eggs as possible and to remove everything from the floor except your furniture.

You may also need to wash pet bedding in hot water and wash your own bedding too if your pet sleeps with you. You'll probably be instructed to coordinate a visit to your pet's vet with the flea removal treatments so your pet can start treatment at the same time your home is treated.

You might also need to clear any clutter out of the shady areas of your lawn since the pest control company will likely treat the inside and outside of your house for fleas. While these steps are important before pest treatments are applied, you may need to keep up with vacuuming and washing your pet's bed frequently to keep fleas under control until the problem is eliminated completely.

Have Professional Flea Removal Inside

Once your floors are decluttered and your home is ready, the pest control company can apply pesticides that kill off fleas. These are usually both quick-acting and residual flea treatments that kill adult fleas and interfere with the development of young fleas.

You and your pet may need to leave your home while the treatments are applied and stay out until the pesticide has dried and your exterminator says you can enter your home.

Have Flea Treatments Outside

Fleas don't thrive in the sun, and it can even kill flea larvae, so the exterminator may just treat shady areas and focus on where your pet likes to sleep, such as under a particular tree or under your deck. The exterminator may also check for signs of a wildlife problem on your property since mice, raccoons, feral cats, and other wildlife can carry fleas to your property and inside your attic or crawlspace.

If the pest control service finds rodents in your house or possums living under your shed, you may need additional pest control measures to eliminate or drive off the animals that contribute to your flea problem. Exclusion treatments may not be completely effective for eliminating fleas, but blocking entry to your home can keep out rodents that carry fleas inside.

Contact a flea removal service for more information. 

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