Why Do Ants Keep Returning? What You Can Do

Ants in your home may be coming back every year, but the truth is, they may not be coming back at all, they may have never left. You may not have ever got rid of the ants in the first place. If this is the case, the ants may be nesting somewhere in your home and if you don't get rid of them completely, they may be hiding deep in your home. If you are continuously getting ants in your home, they may be lurking deep in the walls, ceiling, attic, or crawl space of your home. If you have an issue with ants, you have to do what it takes to thoroughly get rid of them. Read on for helpful tips.

Spray Your Home Thoroughly

You should spray your home thoroughly with a pesticide, not just around the perimeter of your walls. You need to spray everywhere, including in your crawl space, along your foundation walls, both interior and exterior, as well as in your attic if possible. Spraying these other areas will help get rid of the ants you have, not just around the exterior walls, but everywhere they may be in your home.

Clean Everywhere

Ants can be found anywhere in your home, so be sure you are being diligent about cleaning, and making sure those that are eating in bedrooms or in the living room are being careful and are cleaning up after themselves. You should also be sure that you are emptying out trash around your home and cleaning out clutter, which is someplace ants can be nesting.

Pest-Proof Your Crawl Space

Make sure you are pest-proofing your crawl space for ants. If you have a dirt floor in your crawl space, you may want to consider encapsulating it to protect it against pests such as ants. Pests can easily get into your crawl space if it has a dirt floor. Talk to a specialist about having your crawl space encapsulated. This can also protect your home from moisture, which can also attract pests into your home, and this includes ants. 

If you have an issue with ants coming back to your home each year, it may be because they never left in the first place. If you have ants, and they are constantly coming back, hire a pest control company in your area to help you get rid of them for good this time. 

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