Pest Control Measures For Dealing With Brown Recluse Spiders

Even though spiders are beneficial to have on your property and inside your home, you don't want an infestation of them in your house, especially brown recluse spiders. When spiders have a safe place to live and breed along with plenty of food, they multiply, and soon you'll see spiders everywhere. This can be alarming, especially when the pests are brown recluse spiders, which have a venomous bite. Here are things to know about killing an infestation of these spiders and how to keep them out of your home.

The Spiders Hide In Your Shoes And Clothes

You don't have to be afraid of all spiders because they are usually harmless. Even brown recluse spiders avoid you when possible. The problem with this type of spider is where they like to live and hide. Rather than making webs off the floor, like in a ceiling corner, they like to crawl in clothing, covers, and shoes. Unfortunately, they may bite in self-defense. That's why it's important to call a pest control company when you find these spiders in your house. There are DIY methods to try, too, but if you rely on them alone, it could take months to get rid of a large infestation.

Glue Traps And Repellents Might Help Some

You can buy glue traps to catch the spiders when they crawl over them, but if you have a lot of spiders, it can be expensive to buy enough traps to get them all. Plus, that can take a long time. You might also try repellents, such as peppermint oil, but when you're already dealing with an infestation, repellents may not work. Overall, if you're going to use DIY methods to keep spiders under control, implement them before you start seeing spiders. Once you have a lot of pests, call a pest control professional for quick help.

Professional Treatments Work Best

A pest control professional will verify if the spiders are brown recluse spiders, and then they'll hunt for the infestation. The spiders might be multiplying in an outdoor shed, in the crawlspace, or even inside your house if you have a lot of hiding spaces or clutter.

Once the extent of the infestation is known, the exterminator will apply the best treatments in the right way to affect spiders. Brown recluse spiders are fairly large, and they raise their bodies up on long legs. This helps them avoid pesticides applied in the usual way. The exterminator may need to apply different kinds of treatments, such as exclusion services that block entry holes to your house, in order to eliminate the spiders and keep them out.

Prevention Is The Best Form Of Pest Control

Like dealing with any other type of pest, prevention is better than fighting an infestation. Talk to the exterminator about getting regular pest control treatments to keep spiders away. Regular treatments control other bugs in your house that spiders use for food, so eliminating their food source can keep spiders from multiplying out of control.

Since brown recluse spiders hide in boxes and clothes, it's good to keep clutter under control in your house. Seal stored clothes and belongings in plastic totes that snap shut. Visit your crawlspace, attic, shed, and basement regularly so you can vacuum, sweep, and get rid of spider nesting places. If you have parts of your home you never visit, you'll probably have an ideal place for spiders and other pests to live comfortably in the quiet surroundings. For additional information, contact a pest control company. 

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