Keeping Field Crickets Out Of Your Home

Field crickets are found in practically every area of the United States, making them a pest that can cause havoc to a home if any get inside. Most people do not enjoy hearing the sound of a cricket chirping during the nighttime hours. If you have had difficulty with several of these pests making their way into your home's interior in the past, take the following steps to ensure they do not return.

Ensure Moisture Is Not A Problem

Crickets tend to congregate in areas where moisture is present. If you have battled moisture difficulties inside of your home, taking time to reverse conditions helps to keep pest invasions under control. Remove or cover any sources of water around your home including inside birdbaths and pools. You could add a dehumidifier to the bottom level in your home to keep the air as dry as possible. Likewise, you may want to patch cracks in your home's foundation. Also, keep on top of debris removal inside your gutter systems. Removing moisture risks keeps a variety of pests out of a home.

Keep Wood Away From Your Structure

If you keep wood piled up for warming purposes outside of your home, crickets may use them for nesting areas. If this wood is too close to your structure, pests living around or under it are likely to venture toward it in search of food or desired temperature levels during hot or cold times of the year. It is best to move your woodpile to a spot where it cannot be seen from your home.

Perform Routine Cleaning And Inspections

Clean your home regularly to keep potential food sources off your floors. Field crickets eat vegetation when they are outdoors, but inside of a home, they are known to nibble upon cloth items and dead insects, which may be present if cleaning isn't performed up to par. During your cleaning sessions, inspect your home in detail for signs of a cricket problem, such as random legs or antennae amongst the debris.

Use Pest Control Products As A Defense Measure

If field crickets are noticed outdoors in abundance, pest control products may help keep these insects from getting inside of your home. Spray down baseboards, along window sills, and under doors. Make sure pets and small children are not near these areas during the application process and allow agents to dry completely before reopening areas to your family. If you are unsure about the safety of pest control products on the market, contact a pest control service to check over your home and use products safely to eradicate crickets and other nuisances. 

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