5 Ways You May Be Attracting Termites To Your Home

One of the most problematic pests you can have as a homeowner is termites, and termite control after an infestation isn't always an easy feat. These small, wood-eating insects can take up residence inside the structure of your home and cause a substantial amount of damage in just a few seasons. Unfortunately, some of the most common actions can make your home more prone to developing a termite problem. Here is a look at five ways you could be inadvertently attracting termites to your property. 

1. Not making sure you have proper drainage

Moisture helps soften wood and makes it easier to eat, which is perfectly attractive to insects that thrive on wood. If you are not tending to the drainage around your home, you may be making your home look more enticing. Be sure to keep gutters cleared out and rainwater directed away from your house. If you have areas that continually collect water when it rains, take steps to rectify the problem. 

2. Keeping wood piles close to the house

A hefty stack of firewood is nice if you rely on wood for heating your home. However, what you definitely do not want to do is keep this pile of wood close to your home. Firewood can already be in the process of deteriorating, so it can be a welcoming sight for termites. Likewise, be mindful of firewood sources; you don't want to bring a colony of bugs to your property by accident. 

3. Adding mulch to your landscaping 

Mulch is often added to flower beds and landscaped areas to thwart the growth of vegetation and encourage ground moisture. However, wooden mulch can also be attractive to termites. Termite control companies often recommend using something other than wood-based mulch for landscape filler, such as composite or synthetic mulch or gravel. 

4. Not having old tree stumps removed 

If you have an old tree stump or two on your property, you may have no qualms about leaving it alone. However, tree stumps do deteriorate and rot eventually, and the fact that they reach underground can make them a nice habitat for a termite colony. 

5. Forgoing having your trees trimmed 

Trees work out well for shade and wind protection, but if you are concerned about termite control, keep those long branches trimmed away from the house. Long, overgrown branches can give termites, as well as other insects, a straight path to get from a tree to your abode. 

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