Pests in Your Crawl Space? What You Need to Do

The crawl space beneath your home is an open space that is sometimes just made from dirt, but it helps to hold in your piping and most likely your wiring. This underside of your home can be a nice space for pests to nest in, as it does have a dirt floor and it is dark and dank. It's best for pests such as spiders, ants, roaches, and mice as well. You may even end up with larger pests in this area of your home. If you do have a pest problem in your crawl space, there are things you can do. Read below for more information. 

Spray the Entire Crawl Space

You'll have to get into your crawl space and take a respirator with you, along with a white suit to help protect your clothing, as it is probably a small space you will be getting into. The respirator is to help prevent breathing in the pesticide, as the area doesn't have windows or doorways to ventilate. Spray every nook and cranny of the crawl space, and do a thorough job getting onto piping and all around any wood beams. Once you have sprayed, allow the spray to settle and close up your crawl space. Let the pesticide do its job. Go back into the crawl space after 24 hours to see if you have any signs of pests moving about.

Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

You can try to do this yourself, or you can hire someone to do this for you. Encapsulating your crawl space will allow your crawl space to be dry and clean, which can provide you with more useable storage space as well. Encapsulating the space is done with very thick plastic that will line the floors and the walls to keep out moisture and dirt. If you have a water problem in your crawl space, you'll also need to add a pump to remove the water and solve your water problem as well. Pests love moisture, as they need water to survive, but some moisture-loving pests can cause damage to your home, such as termites. This is why it's important to take care of the moisture or water issue before your home is ruined by termites.

If you have pests in your crawl space, there are things you can do to help get rid of them. Hire a pest control company to get rid of the pests for you and to find a solution to prevent them from coming back.

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