What To Do About A Mice Problem In Your Home

Have you noticed evidence that mice have infiltrated your home, and you want to get rid of them for good? If so, it will help to know some tips for dealing with your mice problem

Seal Exterior Holes

One of the first things that you'll want to do is seal up those exterior holes in your home's foundation. Those mice must be getting in from somewhere, and it can be from a hole that is much smaller than you think they can fit through. You can stuff holes with a wire mesh that will hurt the teeth of any mouse that tries to chew through the material.

By sealing the holes you could potentially fix the problem. However, it is likely that you have mice hiding inside your home that you cannot find. With them trapped inside, you only need to worry about killing the mice that are within your home. 

Set Out Poison Stations

You'll want to find out where you have mice activity in your home. The best way to do this is with poison stations. They are small containers that contain a piece of poison that cannot be removed. The mice travel into the station, feed off the poison, and go elsewhere to die within a couple of days. You can then check the stations to see which ones have activity, which can help you focus on where to set traps.

The one downside of using poison is that the mice will die somewhere in your home where you cannot reach them. Thankfully, the bodies are small and will only smell for a few days. The body will continue to decompose, but there will not be an odor anymore.

Set Out Snap Traps

Now that you know where you have mice activity, you can set out some snap traps so that you can catch the bodies before they go back into their hiding place. It is best to set out some traps for a few days that just have bait on them since the mice will tend to not go directly to a new object they see. Once they become comfortable with the trap and eat the bait, you can start setting the traps to snap when the pressure plate is activated. 

Make sure to check the traps daily so that you can remove the dead mice soon after they are killed. It will also help with clearing the traps out to catch new mice. Over time, you'll eventually kill all of the mice that are in your home and you'll be pest-free. For more information on mice pest control, contact a company near you.

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