Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Myths And Misconceptions

From rodents and ants to fleas and bedbugs, there are several pests that can invade your home. Like many homeowners who are trying to save money, you might consider using some DIY tricks to keep pests out or get rid of the pests that have already made themselves comfortable in your home. Unfortunately, the majority of these pest control home remedies are ineffective. Here are a few of the most common DIY pest control myths you should not believe.

Myth: Cheese Is the Best Bait to Catch Mice

Many homeowners will swear by using a chunk of cheese to catch a mouse inside their home. Unfortunately, while you might catch an occasional mouse with cheese, many mice will actually be deterred by the odor of the cheese and instead, will stay away. Instead, there are other options available that will actually be more effective to trap mice.

Peanut butter, wet cat or dog food, maple syrup, or nuts are all great options that mice will find more attractive than cheese. However, if you are still having issues with trapping mice using any type of bait or trap, it is best to contact a professional for assistance.

Myth: Grits, Baking Soda, and Vinegar Can Kill Ants

If you have ants crawling around your kitchen floor, a friend or family member might have recommended sprinkling baking soda, grits, or even white vinegar on the floor. The thinking behind this DIY pest control trick is that the ants will consume the products, will become bloated, and will perish.

Unfortunately, this will not occur and instead, if you use the wrong product, you might actually wind up luring ants to your home. Instead, use a commercial ant killer or call a professional exterminator to determine how ants are getting into your home and to create a pest control plan.

Myth: Cats Will Keep Mice Out of Your Home

Mice are common pests around the country and in an attempt to keep mice or rats out of their home, many homeowners will adopt or purchase a cat. The idea is that cats are natural predators of mice and that their scent and presence will deter mice from your home. Unfortunately, if it is cold and your home is warm and a reliable food source, mice will still try to enter, even if you have a cat.

Instead of relying on the family pet, work with a pest control professional to keep mice out.

There are several DIY pest control tactics that unfortunately do not work. If you have any more questions about pest control, don't hesitate to contact an exterminator.

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