Could You Be Sharing Your Roof With Mice? 3 Signs That Could Confirm It

No homeowner wants to think of a mouse infestation because mice are perhaps some of the most troublesome pests that can invade their home. Mice can cause many problems in your home, so you should exterminate them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, dealing with a mouse problem yourself can be extremely hard because these little invaders are intelligent. In fact, they have excellent hiding tactics, meaning they can live in your house for weeks or months without your knowledge. However, you can tell you have mice in your home by observing certain signs. Here are three signs indicating that mice have invaded your home and that you need to hire mice control experts to eliminate them.

A Strong Foul Odor in the House

You will sometimes see mice or their droppings to know you have a rodent problem to handle. However, you don't always have to see something to know you have a mouse infestation. Your sense of smell will sometimes help you determine whether mice have invaded your home. That foul odor spreading throughout your house may result from their urine. The urine could sometimes smell like stale ammonia, indicating you have several mice in the house. It's, of course, hard to detect the smell when you only have a few mice around. You could also experience a strong sour odor, which may linger for several days when you have a dead mouse. It's advisable to hire a mice control expert when you notice a foul smell in your house to confirm whether it's due to a mouse infestation.

You Notice Mice Runways

Rodents like mice usually use the same paths always, creating visible runways. Actually, they can use a particular runway in your house for months. As a result, you can easily detect their footprints if you are keen. Dirt and dust often mark their runways or tracks, making it easier to detect their presence. You can even pour some flour on the suspected runways and check for footprint marks after some time or the following day. If you see some marks, prepare to invest some money in mice control services.

You Notice Something Unusual with Your Pets

Your pets could also help you know whether mice have invaded your home. Actually, pets like cats and dogs notice you have mice in your house before you do. As a result, they will behave differently. For instance, they will move a lot throughout the house, searching for the mouse and be more alert or suspicious. The dog may bark more frequently and show a lot of interest in a specific area. So your pet's unusual behavior may indicate you have an uninvited guest in your house.

To have your home inspected for mice, contact a mice control service in your area.

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