Beetle Control

Beetles tend to congregate in areas where fabrics, foods, and wood products are located. Various beetle species can cause damage to household goods or residential property. Being aware of what type of beetle has infested your residence or land will help you use some strategies to rid your home of these pests.

Beetle Identification

Perform research to identify the type of beetle that is present. Carpet beetles are small in size and have hard outer shells. They tend to burrow on textile surfaces. Ladybugs are a common beetle variety that is noted for their red body and black spots. This beetle variety tends to be found on leaves and the exterior of a home. They can also be found on fencing and other structural materials.

Ladybugs can make their way into a home, especially if a heating system isn't properly sealed off. Any beetle varieties that you are unfamiliar with should be identified first, followed by learning the beetle variety's characteristics. Pesticides that won't harm crops can be used to rid your property of outdoor beetle species. Indoor beetles will require a more targeted approach. Any products that are administered should be thoroughly researched, to ensure that you do not spray a toxic product that could be harmful to you and your loved ones.

Cleanliness, Repairs, And Sprays

Pest technicians should be hired to eradicate a large beetle population. If beetles got into your home's ductwork, for instance, turning on the HVAC system could result in beetles being dispersed into many parts of your home. Cleanliness will rid your home of indoor pests, including carpet beetles. After cleaning floor coverings, vacuuming rugs and carpets will aid with removing any beetles that remain.

Repairs should also be made, which will deter beetles from being able to enter your home. A pest technician company may use spray products, plus a vacuum accessory, to eliminate beetles from your land. They will assess any beetles that are destroying crops and trees and will use an all-natural pesticide that won't harm the crops.

Applying a spray around the envelope of your home will prevent beetles from moving in closer to your home. Beetle species may be more prevalent during some seasons of the year. Setting up a pesticide control strategy that involves having a pest control team — such as Pest Gurus — treat your property and residence at targeted times of the year will greatly reduce the chance of dealing with another infestation.

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