4 Signs You Need To Schedule Wild Mice Removal Services

While having a few furry friends around can be cute, an infestation of wild mice can create serious problems for your home. They can carry diseases, damage your walls and furniture, and even cause electrical fires if they chew on wires. To reduce the risk of these issues and protect your family and property, it's important to look for certain signs indicating an infestation. Here are four signs you need to schedule wild mice removal services.

Gnaw Marks on the Walls or Furniture  

Rodents need to constantly chew to keep their teeth sharp, and they'll often gnaw on walls and furniture near food sources. If you notice signs of gnawing on your home's walls, doors, and furniture, it could be a sign that wild mice have taken up residence. You can contact a removal professional to inspect your home by assessing the extent of the damage and finding any access points.

Droppings Around Your Home

Wild mice often leave droppings in areas where they have been searching for food. Not only can these droppings be unsightly, but they can also spread dangerous diseases if left unchecked. If you notice these, you can contact a professional for removal services. You can also use traps and baits in areas you notice an accumulation of droppings to try and capture the mice.

Strange Noises in the Walls or Ceiling

The pitter-patter of little feet scurrying around the ceiling and walls is a telltale sign of the rodent. You can also hear scratching or squeaking noises inside your walls or ceiling that indicate a wild mouse infestation. When you hear these noises, it's essential to call in a professional as soon as possible. The professional can use specialized tools to track the nests and eradicate the mice from your home.

Unexplained Pet Behavior

Pets, like cats and dogs, can quickly pick up on the presence of wild mice in a home. For example, you might notice your pet sniffing around walls and furniture more often or becoming agitated for no apparent reason. If this is the case, it's likely that wild mice are present in your home and need to be removed by a professional. The professional can also assess any damage done by the mice and recommend steps to prevent future infestations.

Wild mice infestations can cause a lot of damage to your home and put your family's health at risk. To protect yourself, it's important to be aware of the signs indicating an infestation. If you notice signs such as gnawing on walls or furniture, droppings around the house, strange noises in the walls or ceiling, and unexplained pet behavior, it's essential to consult a professional as soon as possible. The professional can help track down the nests and eliminate the infestation before any further damage is done. Contact a local wild mice removal service provider to get started.

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