How You Can Control Ants In And Around Your Home

Ants are very small pests that can wreak havoc on you. They aren't necessarily harmful, but they can get into your food and into the nooks and crannies of your home, making it difficult to get rid of them. If you have ants in your home, there could be a chance that you have other pests in your home as well. If you have ants, you need to get rid of them. Read on for helpful information.

Remove Attractants

Ants prefer moist areas, and they need water to survive, so if you have moisture-prone areas such as mulch close to the foundation of your home, you should get rid of it to prevent luring ants so closely to your home. If you have a water leak that is leading to moisture, you need to make the necessary repairs to prevent these pests from finding the water they need for survival and getting into your home. If you have other attractants, such as trash laying out, trash that is not sealed, or yard waste that may attract ants, you need to clean this up as well. Other food sources should also be cleaned up to prevent attracting ants to your home. This means you should clean your home often, including sweeping your floors, wiping up counters and other meal-prep surfaces, and cleaning other areas of your home where food may be easily found. Pantry food should be kept in air-tight containers or closed tightly to prevent ants from getting inside.

Spray Inside And Outside Your Home

If you have found ants in or around your home, spray the exterior of your home. If you have ants outside, there's a good chance you'll be finding them inside before long. It's always best to spray both the inside and the outside of your home to remove these pests from your home. Use a granular spray around the exterior of your home, in flower beds, and in the grass close to your home. Then use a spray pesticide around the perimeter, in the basement, and in crawl spaces to help exterminate these pests.

If you have seen ants in your home, you need to get to work on exterminating them, and you need to be thorough so you can prevent future problems with them as well. Hire a pest control service to help you with these and other pest control tasks. For more information, contact a pest control company near you.

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